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Monday, April 25, 2016

Seventh prophesy [La Revelación en el Espejo]

Mars now sits in the Beehive Cluster.
He wields the mastejelo.
Firedrill, ashen beak.
For love, entrapped among points of light,
presages cataclysm,
that water will not douse.
I ask, “Are images property? wizard-goods
like the bard’s word-hoard?
Are there restraints on access or use?
Or do all signifiers float, free of meaning and sacred properties?
I wrote “the coldest seed.”
I meant to visualize the frozen globes that adhered to a fern.
The image is found in Beowulf.
The passage resembles Ecclesiastes
It is as old as the world, permafrost, primordial ice.
I rose from the sea, my genital beard
Soaked with hoar frost
A girl sat on the porch, reading Process and Reality.
She hoped to please her dad.
How the many became one remains opaque
The model is the honeybee
The motive between a lover’s thighs
Codices compiled in a blue sky house,
the engineer’s cabin at the north pole.
The last Mexican grizzly bear perished in 1960
Its weight crushed the cab of the pickup truck.
Silver-plated animal who prowls among nebulae.
Ursus major protects the honeypot
Foot prints encircle the celestial colure

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